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RAW Skateboards


There’s only one way to be cruising around while living the RAW Life, and that’s on a RAW skateboard!

RAW’s developed a lifestyle surrounding their rolling papers that extend into the world of skating. There’s no doubt that skaters are big fans of RAW papers. Today, they can ride the brand everywhere with a RAW skateboard deck.

Cannabis and skateboard culture certainly overlap. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that RAW skateboard products are as essential as other accessories like the RAW rolling tray. The designs of these skateboard feature the iconic RAW brand that truly capture the essence of the RAW Life.

The array of RAW skate accessories available can match anyone’s style. Accessories like the eye-popping holographic skateboard deck or the golden RAW longboard are just a fraction of what RAW offers. Each of these wildly-popular products is perfect for smoke shops.

The different RAW skateboard options will undoubtedly please any skater passionate about cannabis. 420 Packaging offers everything RAW such as rolling papers, joint cones, and trays, price match guarantee!

Does RAW Make Skateboards?

The RAW skateboard is a quintessential element in staying true to the RAW Life.

RAW has grown from a paper manufacturer to developing an incredible line of accessories, from RAW t-shirts and hoodies. The line of RAW skate products became one of their most popular brands. Like their papers, only the finest qualities suitable for skating make each RAW skateboard. The original RAW skateboard deck, for example, is made with 7 ply American Maple sourced from the Great Lakes area. Skaters can deck these out with their favorite trucks and wheels and cruise in style all summer long.

What RAW Skateboards are Available?

Many styles are available in the RAW skate lineup, from longboards to cruisers and the original street deck.

Along with other products like RAW shoes, we also carry five different RAW skateboard styles currently available, which we’ve broken down below.

RAW Cone Skateboard Deck

The RAW cone skateboard deck mimics their iconic joints, with a design that includes a RAW filter at the nose and a burning cherry at the tail. Created with 7 ply American Maple from the Great Lakes region.

RAW Holographic Skateboard Deck

It is made with the same material as the RAW Cone deck. The RAW Holographic skateboard deck brings a shimmering silver holographic design on the board’s underside with the logo blazed across.

RAW Gold Foil Retro Ducktail Longboard

The most attractive RAW longboard in our collection is the gold foil retro ducktail. The top of the deck includes a retro collage of RAW designs. The bottom glitters with a golden RAW rolling paper design. These stylish longboards accessorize well with other products on the brand’s lineup, including RAW bags.

RAW Longboard Skate Deck

The RAW longboard brings the iconic rolling papers design on strong American Great Lakes Maple.

RAW Skateboard Deck

The RAW skateboard deck is another classic option that includes the brand’s legendary design on a street deck. You can’t go wrong with that.

Where to Buy RAW Skateboards

420 Packaging remains the number one location for all your dispensary supplies and accessories. Our collection of RAW products is extensive, including RAW skateboards and RAW hoodies.

The RAW skateboards are a perfect accessory to hang on the wall, mainly because of their extraordinary designs. At 420, we boast all types of RAW skateboard products that will bring joy to any skater.

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