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RAW Black Crewneck Sweatshirt Medium - 1
RAW Black Crewneck Sweatshirt
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RAW Black Gold Foil T-Shirt Small - 1
RAW Black Gold Foil T-Shirt
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RAW Women's Blue Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small - 1RAW Women's Blue Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small - 2
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RAW Black Core Shirt With Stash Pocket Small - 1
RAW Black Core Shirt With Stash Pocket
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RAW Black Sparkle V-Neck Shirt Small - 1RAW Black Sparkle V-Neck Shirt Small - 2
RAW Black Sparkle V-Neck Shirt
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RAW Smokermans Camo Bucket Hat Medium - 1
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RAW Lightweight Mens Hoodie In Green Medium - 1
RAW Lightweight Mens Hoodie In Green
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RAW X Rolling Papers RAWLERS Onesie Small - 1RAW X Rolling Papers RAWLERS Onesie Small - 2
RAW X Rolling Papers RAWLERS Onesie
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RAW Brazil Board Shorts 32 - 1RAW Brazil Board Shorts 32 - 2
RAW Brazil Board Shorts
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RAW K-9 Pet Ringer Shirt small 8-10 lbs - 1RAW K-9 Pet Ringer Shirt small 8-10 lbs - 2
RAW K-9 Pet Ringer Shirt
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RAW Smokin' Hot T-Shirt Medium - 1RAW Smokin' Hot T-Shirt Medium - 2
RAW Smokin' Hot T-Shirt
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RAW Life Brazil Zip-Up Jacket Medium - 1
RAW Life Brazil Zip-Up Jacket
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RAW Gold Lighter Ring 8 - 1RAW Gold Lighter Ring 8 - 2
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RAW Mens Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small Green - 1RAW Mens Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt Small Green - 2
RAW Mens Ghost Shrimp T-Shirt
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RAW Smoke Ring 6 - 1RAW Smoke Ring 6 - 2
RAW Smoke Ring
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RAW Silver Smoker Ring 8 - 1RAW Silver Smoker Ring 8 - 2

RAW Products

RAW products are among the most popular, most respected, and most recognizable brands of rolling papers in the cannabis community. Perhaps RAW's most significant innovation is to keep it old school. RAW rolling papers and pre-rolled cones are all-natural, unrefined, and vegan.

RAW also practices entrepreneurial philanthropy to create sustainable economic loops in communities worldwide. Purchasing RAW papers, cones, or even RAW clothing means contributing to shaping a better tomorrow for everyone.

Pre-rolled cones are cannabis papers that have already been rolled. Approximately 492.8 million pre-rolls were sold across the United States and Canada in one year.

If you don't have any experience with hand-rolling (or have joint pain in your hands), pre-rolled cones are an easy way to enjoy cannabis. Relatively small, pre-rolled cones are also easily transportable.

As official RAW distributors with authentic RAW products, carries all of the legendary and most sought-after RAW brand cones, rolling papers, and other smoking accessories.

Impress even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur with your selection of RAW pre-rolled cones. Any dispensary or smoke shop that doesn't carry RAW products risks alienating its customer base. Browse our RAW shop at to get everything RAW – from RAW cones rolling papers to a RAW backpack and become a one-stop RAW smoke shop.

What is RAW?

The home base RAW shop is in the Alcoy region of Spain, just a few feet from Father Jaime Villanueva Estingo's first rolling paper booklet in Jativa, Spain, around 1800. The RAW brand prides itself on making unbleached and unrefined RAW rolling cones and papers.

Additionally, because RAW rolling papers contain no chalk, no dyes, and no burn additives, consumers taste only the flavors of their cannabis and not the paper.

Because of their emphasis on sustainable, health-conscious, and eco-conscious products, RAW brand rolling papers are often considered the best rolling papers in the world. For many cannabis consumers, something is comforting and reassuring about the honey wheat color, the distinctive criss-cross watermark, and the earthy aroma from RAW cones.

RAW Rolling Paper "Glue"

It may seem inevitable for all paper products to be vegan, but rolling papers require an adhesive – a thin line of sticky material along one edge which is dampened and then pressed to seal the joint. Typically, this glue is made from animal products or other harsh materials.

RAW rolling papers use natural, organic, sustainably-derived Acacia gum from Ethiopia and Senegal. All RAW products have a dedicated focus on sustainability and ethics.

Not only vegan, but RAW rolling papers also contain no chlorine bleach or chalk and are non-GMO. This is a huge selling point for RAW rolling cones and papers for any health-conscious consumer. Offering RAW papers at your dispensary or smoke shop also shows you care about catering to different kinds of consumers.

With RAW cones made from organic hemp, cannabis-loving shoppers can smoke their flower with a clear conscience. All of this attention to detail creates a product that is genuinely RAWthentic!

What RAW Products Are Available?

RAW provides more than just authentic RAW papers and RAW paper cones. RAW offers enough smoking accessories to build a complete joint-making kit.

Inspired by an old Spanish millstone, the RAW cone filler (a.k.a. The Six Shooter) can load up to six RAW pre-rolls in less than a minute! The Six Shooter also gives the option of filling pre-rolled cones without mess or wasting herbs. Load up the pre-rolled cones you want, pack your smoking content tightly, give it a tap or two, and you're done.

The RAW Six Shooter fits RAW's Classic 1 1/4 Size or organic 1 1/4 sized cones. There's also a RAW Six Shooter for king-sized cones.

The RAW rolling tray comes in a few sizes. The small tray is perfect for a quick roll or travel. The large tray is big enough to fit all of your custom smoke supplies.

And at the extreme ends of the spectrum are the mini tray and the XXL tray. The mini tray is a convenient carry-around size. The XXL-sized tray is perfect for the after-party.

Grab your favorite pack of RAW paper, a good blend of filler, and one of these rolling trays, and start making some smokes.

  • RAW Mini Tray - 5" x 7"
  • RAW Small Tray - 7" x 11"
  • RAW Large Tray - 14" x 11"
  • RAW XXL tray - 20" x 15" (includes a magnetic wooden cradle to make rolling easy)

Because anodization can wear away after years of use (leaving little crumbs of metal polish in your grind), RAW makes its grinder teeth from high-quality "die-hard" 6061 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy with a strength of 18,000 PSI. The RAW grinder is constructed with notch-tooth designs, edge bumps, perfectly engineered basket vents, and a PTFE washer to ensure smooth rotation.

The RAW grinder shreds and fluffs your smoking materials to create the perfect rolling consistency for your RAW papers. Most typical household grinders grind herbs too fine, leaving no airflow in your smoke. Or, the grinder shreds it so thick that clumps fall out while smoking.

And, because every piece of the RAW Grinder is designed to come apart quickly, you can use the built-in tooth wrench in the grinder top to disassemble it and add components in seconds to customize it.

Then, once you've got your home RAW smoke shop fully set up, show off your expert status by sporting a stylish RAW hoodie.

RAW Cones

RAW cones are made from the same quality RAW unbleached natural rolling paper that RAW devotees love. The cone shape lets more content burn initially, burning less and less with each subsequent puff. They're an essential part of any RAW rolling kit.

Perhaps the most significant convenience of RAW pre-rolled cones is their convenience. Ready-to-use, all that's left is to grind the flower and fill the cone.

RAW cones are perfect for beginners who want to smoke a joint but don't want to spend hours learning a new skill. Using RAW pre-rolled cones turns out pre-rolls that are uniform in size and ready to smoke. And each pre-roll takes just a couple of minutes to fill.

RAW King Cones have become an enormous hit, measuring 110 mm long and holding approximately 1.15g of cannabis. With RAW's Supernatural 12 Inch Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers 12" or RAW Cone Challenge 24 Inch papers, you can enter the old school world of '70s stoner movies!

RAW Papers

RAW rolling papers are every stoner's go-to papers because they're readily available, cheap, and high quality. RAW also offers a variety to choose from – Classic Hemp, Organic Hemp, Artesano, Connoisseur, Creaseless, Masterpiece, wide, and Raw Black (double pressed to make them ultra-thin).

RAW cones rolling papers have a beneficial effect on your hand joints. Easy to use and slow to burn, RAW joint papers don't waste your weed between puffs.

The best rolling papers will be easy to roll and slow to burn. Watermarked with a trademark criss-cross pattern, RAW natural rolling papers encourage slow, even burning.

When you're rolling joints using papers instead of cones, you're in control of the size of what you're smoking. Additionally, there are different substances for rolling papers — wood, hemp, and rice papers, most commonly.

RAW classic rolling papers are less expensive than pre-roll cones because you do the work yourself. If you're new to rolling your own, you may use some extra papers as you practice rolling the perfect joint.

Does My Business Need RAW Papers?

By offering RAW cones bulk, we help you make joints accessible to your cannabis novices and cannabis connoisseurs alike. Using RAW pre-rolled cones wholesale promotes ease of use for your premium dank bud offerings, making your business a convenient one-stop-shop for RAW joints to please cannabis newbies and experts alike.

When you buy RAW cones wholesale, you can carry a variety of RAW hemp papers and RAW hemp cones that will take your customers' experiences to the next level of enjoyment.

New cannabis consumers and longtime smokers often look for RAW first. Don't get caught short – stock up on RAW papers wholesale.

Where to Buy RAW Products Wholesale

There's no better place to shop for RAW products than at We are an official RAW distributor with authentic RAW products. We are the number one RAW smoke shop. We have a long, trusting relationship with the fantastic people at RAW, which allows us to offer you the best RAW products wholesale.

We have all the essential RAW smoking products your cannabis business needs, from classic RAW papers to pre-rolled filters.

Even focusing only on hemp and CBD, the RAW brand is excellent for your shelves. The popularity of CBD-rich hemp flowers has surged in the natural wellness industry, and consumers are interested in the cleanest, most natural ways to smoke. You'll want to have RAW papers for them.

Because RAW brand products are so popular, there are several counterfeits. The RAW team encourages people to shop for their products only from authorized sellers and distributors. The RAW team also provides a way to report any counterfeits on their website.

The easiest way to avoid buying fake RAW papers is to always buy from an official RAW distributor (like us!). If you purchased RAW products elsewhere and suspect they might be fake, there's an easy way to tell.

If you hold the paper out, gum line up, and spark a lighter a few inches below (ensure the paper doesn't catch), authentic RAW paper's gum line (made from natural tree sap) rolls upward as the moisture evaporates. The counterfeit RAW paper will roll downward. RAW features a video tutorial on their website.

When you make a bulk RAW purchase from us, you can be confident you're getting genuine RAW products and contributing to a fantastic, charity-minded company. We hope you choose to spread that love by carrying RAW papers at your cannabis business.

RAW Products - The Bottom Line

RAW rolling papers offer high-quality, non-GMO, vegan products that few other companies can match. RAW joint papers are expertly manufactured with unrefined, unbleached natural fibers.

There are absolutely no artificial dyes or added chalk in RAW rolling paper. All RAW papers also have their patented criss-cross watermark, which maintains smooth burning. Every dispensary should strive to be a RAW shop by stocking RAW classic rolling papers.

You can shop all things #Rawthentic on one easy-to-use site! 420Packaging is officially an authorized RAW retailer and we are proud to offer you all your favorite RAW smoking products at affordable prices. 420packaging has everything RAW. If you don't find the authentic RAW product you are looking for let us know and we will do our best to get it for you! Due to our distributor agreement, RAW products are only available to be shipped in the United States. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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